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Our Profile

A Quick Glance

Travoweb is not a conventional travel agency; it is a different Class of its own creation. Seamlessly combining Consulting, Concierge Services, Event Management and customized travel packages, we transcend far beyond a simple travel service. Instead we offer travel solutions, expertly tailored to suit the corporate world or personalized exquisitely to individual taste. Thorough research and cutting edge technology are blended with a highly personalized service to offer an infinite spectrum of unique and innovative travel ideas. We seek to offer you the best while we open the gates to new destinations and experiences. Our promise is to push the boundaries of your journeys.

Our Philosophy

Our measure of success is expanding horizons and exceeding expectations to a point of surprise. At the core is an unwavering belief in individualism. We place the utmost importance on personal choices, preferences and tastes. Today’s world is one of globalization, mass production and bland uniformity. We instead aspire to break away from all things common, ordinary and uninspiring, by nurturing inimitable individual distinctiveness. Our measure of success is expanding horizons and exceeding expectations to a point of surprise. We make our business personal, exactly the way that travel and hospitality were intended to be before they became detached industries. We develop long term relationships in place of cordial financial transactions, refining and redefining the art of hospitality along the way.

Where We Meet

Being in a class of our means that we offer our Guests something extraordinary different from the first time we meet. We believe that complete privacy is essential in creating exceptionally tailored travel options. And so we have done away with the standard and impersonal counters, replacing them with intimate lounges. We meet each Guest one-on-one, ensuring the utmost attention to individual tastes and needs. No two lounges are alike; each has its own distinct lay-out and ambiance, meaning that we cater to the moods and tastes of our Guests down to the rooms that we meet them in.

Our Consultants

G-family believes in establishing a partnership with the members of its team. We do not hire employees, but instead cultivate consultants. Our staff is carefully selected and continuously trained in all the aspects that we touch upon – from interpersonal communication and client care to research and product development. Reflecting the spirit of international travel and cross-cultural exploration, we have created a truly multinational company. Our consultants hail from all sides of the globe, further adding insight and value as we help you explore different destinations and cultures.

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